Help for ea programming and testing

Andrea Angelici

Hi everyone,

my name is Andrea, i'm new in the forum and in the ea programming.

I'm trying to create an ea based on MACD and EMA100 (I do not know if this type of bot already exists) with this conditions:

MACD: fast lenght 12, slow lenght 26, signal 9

-buy: if candels are above EMA100 and MA cross above Signal

-sell: if candel are under EMA100 and MA cross under Signal

Timeframe 1H

I add the possibility to set hour of activity of the bot and the maximum spread.

I'm asking for your help because:

-I would like to add the possibility to have max one trade per day;

-I am unable to backtest the ea

for me, I did some mistakes in writing the buy/sell condition of entry.

maybe someone can help me to understand if the bot has a good strategy, code better the condition and help me to backtest

I know that maybe is a lot of things to do but I'm here to learn and every advices is good

thank you so much

you can download the mq4 so you can see all the ea code

MACDeEMA_EA.mq4  376 kb