Virtual hosting and EA trading just stopped?

Jacobus Van Schoor

MT4 platform/ VPS malfunctioning at critical time?

I have been trading with our EA and MQL5 VPSs for the past 6 years (and also suggest to all our clients to rent a VPS from MQL5 as our utility renders the best result when run 24/7).

on Jan 12 '21, the trading on my one account (which affected a large number of clients on a MAM) just stopped - this happened just before the US inflation rate announcement, so when the market spiked, non of the trades that should have opened in terms of our strategy, did open, hence we suffered big losses as hedge positions did not open to counter existing positions (we do not use stoplosses). 

I am absolutely certain that I did not stop the VPS myself, being an experienced user (and the red dot also did not appear in the Navigator), also this was not a broker issue as we had other accounts running with the same broker at the time and positions opened correctly.

The fix:

We then  stopped the VPS and activated autotrading on the platform to try and trade from the screen, but still no positions opened

Next we removed all of the experts from the various symbol charts and reloaded the experts, after which the account started trading on autotrading, then stopped autotrading and synced the VPS again and all initialised.

We have no idea what happened here and are seriously concerned that this poses a huge risk to ourselves and our clients, as we do not know what caused this glitch and how to avoid it from happening again? (have sold more than 1000 products on the market to date).

Has anyone on the forum ever experienced a similar issue? 

VPS_snip_1.PNG  10 kb