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"Adress not recognized"...

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Rich 2014.12.07 08:38 

Hi all. When I try to copy trade off this site I get the message 'Firefox does not recognize the address'. I tried Safari as well and got the same message. Safari says it has something to do with not recognizing the address that starts with mql4buy.

Does anybody know what to do to fix this? I have funded my mql5 account but that did not fix the problem.

I also noticed that on my mt4 platform the 'signal' tab does not show up in the terminal window as the video tutorial here shows so I definitely need to fix something.

Any advice?

Ps. I'm running mt4 mac on my mac.

Pss. in the 'journal' tab within my terminal window on my mt4 mac, it says that my mql5 community is indeed activated and it even shows my community balance which I just funded not 10 minutes ago so I know it is recognizing my mt4 mac but I still get that address message?

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