Forecasting money flow

Michael Despott

I have been working in this field for a little over 7yrs now, as a designer of automated systems and now also as a full-time trader, we were experiencing some difficulty originally trying to code a OBV, AD and TSI cross, due to the floating nature of their values and had to settle for CCI which seems close enough, anyone else had difficulty with this, I can't find anything in the MQL5 community so I decided to start my own topic. 

I have personally found, that the best approach was to use indicators that are leading, or reveal something about the markets, that aren't visible on the charts, over the years I have evaluated and tested hundreds of EA's, indicators and numerous trading strategies, still to date, ironically a martingale, grid system is the we had found, up until the recent discovery of the OBV, TSI and CCI combination.

I also discovered that one could also ascertain the potential direction of a breakout after consolidation, and simply follow the money..!

Comparative Analysis of 10 Trend Strategies
Comparative Analysis of 10 Trend Strategies
The article provides a brief overview of ten trend following strategies, as well as their testing results and comparative analysis. Based on the obtained results, we draw a general conclusion about the appropriateness, advantages and disadvantages of trend following trading.