EA for Trailing Stop Loss

Muthukumar V  


  I am looking for a utility which is slightly a modified version of normal trailing stop loss. I think most of the experts here may already be using this but I am relatively new to trading and I am trying to find a tool for doing the same.

  1. We should be able to set Stop Loss, Take profit, Trailing Start, Trailing Step
  2. We should have an option to set trailing to start after the price reaches the Open Price + Trailing Start Level and keep increasing in steps. The TP can also increase
  3. Basically I would like to trail after the price reaches breakeven + Trailing Start Pips and it should keep increasing in steps whenever the pip increases

I checked a few products like Auto Trailing Stop etc., but none of them seems to trail properly. I have also tried the Codebase and tried using Virtual Trailing Stop but that also doesn't help.

Do any of you know a good product in either in MQL 5 market or the codebase which can protect the already achieved profit on a trade? Any suggestions appreciated!