How can I find the exact time of the EMAS crossing??

Hello guys

I am a programming beginner, I need help in being able to find the exact time of the EMAS crossing to be able to use it in ....


What I need is for the function to find the low and high of the price exactly after the crossing of two Emas

 double MaxPrice()
int     inBar  = iBarShift(NULL,TimeFrame,?????),
        outBar = iBarShift(NULL,TimeFrame,outTime-1),
        BarRange  = inBar - outBar + 1,
        MaxShift = iHighest(NULL,TimeFrame,MODE_HIGH,BarRange,outBar),
        MinShift = iLowest(NULL,TimeFrame, MODE_LOW,BarRange,outBar);

         Maximo = iHigh(NULL,TimeFrame,MaxShift);

I thank you and thank you very much for the patience with the newbies.

I hope your help

Greetings and good trading