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How to run one EA over one currency pair but two different time frames

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I ran the code in the following article to understand the concept of magic numers . I ran the code magic_exp0_en.mq5. Whie debugging I tried to switch the focus of the current chart between two different time frames i.e. EURUSD M5 and EURUSD H1 to see if this would cause an error in position opening but the code always focuses on only one of the charts.

 Basically the question would be what settings I need to make to run one EA over one currency pair with two different timeframes so I can replicate the authors tests on his article


The Use of ORDER_MAGIC for Trading with Different Expert Advisors on a Single Instrument
  • 2010.07.20
  • Nikolay Demko
This article considers the questions of information coding, using the magic-identification, as well as the division, assembly, and synchronization of automatic trading of different Expert Advisors. This article will be interesting to beginners, as well as to more experienced traders, because it tackles the question of virtual positions, which can be useful in the implementation of complex systems of synchronization of Expert Advisors and various strategies.
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