CopyBuffer return error 4806 (ERR_INDICATOR_DATA_NOT_FOUND) --> Function iMA doesn't works?

karp wak  


I'm trying to code an EA but this "CopyBuffer" function error won't let me continue and I don't know how to solve it.

CopyBuffer return error 4806 (ERR_INDICATOR_DATA_NOT_FOUND)

I am thinking that the iMA () function may be faulty because CopyBuffer () works fine with iBands() and iADX() ... Could it be?

I am very confused !!

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Or an alternative way to get the indicator data without using the CopyBuffer function or iMA function?

This is my code...




Thank you so much!!

The problem was resolved!!...

The problem was the metatrader 5 that my Broker offers ... (it must have had corrupted libraries).

I downloaded Metatrader 5 from the official Metaquotes website and now everything works fine.