Suggestions on structure of creating a Telegram Signal Service



I was wanting to create a signal service that would broadcast my trades to my Telegram Channel whenever I take a trade. This is what I was thinking how I would do it:

Create an EA that would monitor my account. The EA would use an MQL/SQLite3 wrapper like this one:

The EA would loop every second? Every tick? And cycle through all current positions, compare to what's in a local SQLite database. If the position is already in the database, then it would ignore that position. If it is not yet in the database, then it would enter it (with the trade details for a signal: buy or sell, entry price, stop loss, take profit, etc.) into the database and mark it as 'new'.

I would also have a separate Python script (with a Python/Telegram API like Telethon: constantly running and looking for 'new' positions in the same SQLite database. If it finds one, it would send out a message on my Telegram channel with the details of the trade. Then it would mark that trade as 'not new' in the SQLite database.

Is this a stupid way of trying to accomplish what I want? I'd love to hear how an actual programmer (I am not a programmer...I've just 'tinkered' throughout the years) would approach this kind of project.

The reason I chose Python is because of that great Telegram API and how easy it is do get things done like working with SQLite.

Thanks for the thoughts/suggestions/ideas!

  • Shmuma
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