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MDT 2011.04.22 23:12 


For strategy testing with MT4 I have a cluster of old Dell SX270 machines which are diskless and run XP Embedded in a ramdisk using PXE to load. I use psexec and similar function to copy settings files to each machine and launch the tester, then collate the results from each machine in MS Excel. It is a bit complicated but it works. 

The multiple agent strategy tester in MT5 sounds an ideal solution. However, I am not able to get it working in the ramdisk machines. When I try to start any of the MT5 executables on the ramdisk machines, terminal.exe or metatester.exe, I just get a complete system hang. Based on fan speed I think the processor is racing, but the hang is so quick and complete that taskmanager freezes intantly. Also it is so fast that neither FileMon, ProcessMonitor or ProcDump are able to provide any output to help identify the problem. 

Surprisingly, if I run the identical XP Embedded image on a real hard drive the problem does not occur and the executables load and run OK.

Has anyone tried anything similar with MT5. Any suggestions would be welcome.



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