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Exist this kind of refresh-trading EA already?

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Artep05 2014.10.04 00:53 
Is there an EA that after a trade by TP or SL was closed automatically a new trade (in the same direction as the closed trade) opens, either immediately or after a defined voher Pipabstand and variable lotmultiplyer? For example, a buy-trade is closed at 1.3470 (by TP or SL) and I want that the EA only at 1.3480 opens again a buy-trade (of course also with a previously determined TP and SL and buy stop or buy limit, or sell-stop or sell limit) opens, but then, for example, 1.2 times the initial-trade etc. The other way, if a sell-trade was closed, the EA should then open automatically with the predefinied settings a new sell-trade.

But as a kind of refresh trading, it is not a pure grid trading, rather a fully automatic pending-order setting, which is based on the closing of the trade.

I expect from the EA, from time to time to take profits, but at the same time to participate in the ongoing trend may continue again.

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