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Issues with mt5. Are there work arounds?

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Baruch Fishman
Baruch Fishman 2014.09.22 09:47 
We are switching 0ver to mt5 due to it's ability to test on multiple time frames and multiple currencies simultaneously.  We are having a few issues and we're hoping someone could she'd some light on it.  

1.)The sl and to don't appear in the history tab.  I saw on the Web site that they do appear but not on our end.  There is a sl and to set though because it closes at them.
2.)We cannot switch the tf after the test on the chart.  That is to say that we want to see the trades on different if frame charts since we are using mtf.
3.)We don't see the sl and to on the chart.  Once again, we know that there is a sl and to because the orders close out at them.

There are other issues but I believe they are related to the code that I have written and not the platform itself.
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