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How to protect your strategy from a "disaster scenario" ?

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Rodrigo Malacarne
Rodrigo Malacarne  

Yesterday I was reading a very interesting article (see link below) about a "disaster simulation" by a major stocks / options eschange in the United States.

While reading the article I was intrigued by how concerned exchanges are in providing continuous access to operations within the stock exchange environment.

In this context, I thought it would be interesting to bring this discussion to the forum... Do you think it would be possible to create a kind of "disaster protection system" within the MetaTrader 5 environment?

Obviously I'm not talking about the possibility to trade with a stop loss, which, in fact, is executed by the trade server... 
But here I mean another concern, namely: Is it possible to "replicate" the trade logic of an EA running locally through a second instance of MetaTrader running, for example, within a VPS?

The idea here is: if the main MetaTrader terminal is "disconnected" from the trade server, a second instance (backup or disaster recovery, as you might want to name it) would automatically come into activity, so that the internal logic of the EA would continue working regardless of the main terminal? 

This is just a typical brainstorming idea ... I look forward to your thoughts and contributions!



BATS prepares for disaster operations
BATS prepares for disaster operations
First Published 6th September 2014 BATS Global Markets took its company headquarters completely offline to test readiness for major business disruptions. Chris Isaacson, BATS "Operating our day-to-day business from a back-up facility in a seamless manner, with no disruption in service or performance, is a testament to the ongoing efforts we put...
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