Discussion of article "Timeseries in DoEasy library (part 57): Indicator buffer data object"


New article Timeseries in DoEasy library (part 57): Indicator buffer data object has been published:

In the article, develop an object which will contain all data of one buffer for one indicator. Such objects will be necessary for storing serial data of indicator buffers. With their help, it will be possible to sort and compare buffer data of any indicators, as well as other similar data with each other.

All concept of data construction and storage in the library is based on collection lists which contain a set of same-type data. They can be selected, sorted and filtered in the required sequence. This enables to get necessary sets of data for their further comparison and analysis. By their structure, indicator buffers do not differ greatly from earlier created serial objects also and they can be contained in their collection lists where we will be able to quickly find necessary objects with data. But to be able to create a collection you must have a data object for that collection. The full set of those data will be stored in collection list.
Today, I will create a data object which contains all information about the indicator buffer on one bar and, respectively, it contains information about the indicator to which buffer belongs, data of one bar of which are described by the object being created.

For each separate buffer of one indicator and for each bar of timeseries own data object will be created and organized into the collection list which belongs to the symbol and timeframe of that indicator. Thus, for one copy of indicator I will have a data set for each bar of timeseries of each buffer of that indicator.

Author: Artyom Trishkin