Sort by win rate backtest optimizer


Is there a way to sort the backtest optimizer by the win rate percent. I cant use custom max as I'm optimizing for an ea I dont have the source code for.

My end goal is the find a setting where over the last 3 months, it has had a high profit as well as over the last overall 10 years of backtest. I'm looking to "balance" it out better.

There is many setting which is showing little or no profit over last 3 months but shows lots of profit over last 10 years.

So far, I'm having to do 2 backtest optimizer results. One that is the last 3 months and another one which covers last 10 years. Dump the report of both tests and find a setting using some code which reads to report files which was profitable in both tests so I can filter out the ones that were profitable last 3 months as well as last 10 years.

They really should make custom max as a external thing, not by calling OnTester inside that ea so that you can write your own logic in the optimizer how to sort and filter results without owning the source code to that ea.