Strategy tester - choosing the right result


I have the following results table.

I'm not sure which one to prefer.

My testing was done on a 500 euros account.

The first row has the most profit in forward testing, but the backtest is at a small loss.

The third raw has profit in both forward and backtest but it has a low sharpe ratio.

The eight raw has the best sharpe ratio but backtest is at a loss.

Which one should I prefer here?

Testing trading strategies on real ticks
Testing trading strategies on real ticks
The article provides the results of testing a simple trading strategy in three modes: " 1 minute OHLC " using only Open, High, Low and Close prices of minute bars; detailed modeling in " Every tick " mode, as well as the most accurate " Every tick based on real ticks " mode applying actual historical data. Comparing the results allows us to...