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Large "Ping" values

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Chun Yin Kwong
Chun Yin Kwong 2014.08.21 17:56 

In my MT4 terminal, I can see many signals having a large "Ping" value in the thousands. The values range from 1,000 to 150,000. Overall, the value is about 7,000. Assuming 1 Ping is 1 millisecond, then 1,000 would be 1 second. A 5,000 Ping value would be 5 seconds, which make copy trading useless. Is it a broker problem? A MQL5 server problem?

My PC connectivity is perfectly fine. I am using Cable connection, and it runs other web applications pretty well.

By the way, does anyone know when will the Trusted Execution Token feature be available? 

Take a look at the "Ping" column: 

 Ping Values

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