Market Validation error


Hello everyone!

I am having problems with the validation in the mql5 market, I use this EA for days and i have no error, however when validating in the mql5 market there is always an error related to invalid volume, for example 1.53 or 0.17 all in EURUSD where theoretically these valid volumes.

an error example follows:

I was thinking that it could be something related to lot size per asset, such as index assets that only work with full lots (1.0) that's when i created this code:

double fixingLots(double lots)
   double fixLot;
   volumeMin = SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_VOLUME_MIN);
   volumeMax = SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_VOLUME_MAX);
   if(volumeMin == 0.01)
      {fixLot = NormalizeDouble(lots,2);}
   if(volumeMin == 0.1)
      {fixLot = NormalizeDouble(lots,1);}  
   if(volumeMin == 1)
      {fixLot = NormalizeDouble(lots,0);}    
   if(fixLot> volumeMax)
      fixLot = volumeMax;
      Alert("Order has very high volume, error  in sending the order!");
   return fixLot;

I created this part just to deal with the lot size that was already calculated in another part of the code, I tried to look beyond the minimum or maximum size of the step and nothing to solve the errors.

I'm trying to solve this for hours and I can't find any solutiuon, no matter how hard I try differente timeframes, assets or pre-sets for EA, there is no error in my terminal.