Strategy agent won't disable cores

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My MT5 won't disable cores when running a back test, it shows gray and disabled in backtest agent but Task Manager still shows CPU is on 100% all cores

Here is what happened:

I usually run backtest 24 hrs and in the day time I will also use the computer for surfing ,gaming etc.

Week before, I'm running backtest on an Intel CPU 7700K

I can simply turn off 3 cores out of 8 to have a not bad experience of gaming.

Days before I just upgrade my computer to an AMD CPU 3950X

I'm running the same system,same EA on backtest.

Yes it it faster,

I turn on all 32 logic cores in MT5, CPU will run 100% on all cores.

I disable 3 cores in MT5, it shows disabled in MT5,but CPU still running on 100% all cores (except one or two cores will have a zigzag on the 100% line,see attached file)

I'm expecting 3 core complete free for other applications,like it used to be.

There is no other application running at the same time

What I tried

I tried turn off cores usage of backtest agent in Task Manager, it doesn't work

I tried turn priority down of backtest agent  in Task Manager, it doesn't work

I assume MT5 doesn't fit AMD cpu very well,or is there any settings need to be set in mt5 or windows?

Does any one have the same issue?

CPU.PNG 13 kb
mt5.PNG 112 kb
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