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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2014.07.30 14:44 

New article Building a Social Technology Startup, Part II: Programming an MQL5 REST Client has been published:

In the previous part of this article, we presented the architecture of a so-called Social Decision Support System.

On the one hand, this system consists of a MetaTrader 5 terminal sending Expert Advisors' automatic decisions to the server side. On the other side of the communication, there is a Twitter application built on the Slim PHP framework which receives those trading signals, stores them into a MySQL database, and finally tweets them to people. The main goal of the SDSS is to record human actions performed on robotic signals and make human decisions accordingly. This is possible because robotic signals can be exposed this way to a very large audience of experts.

In this second part we are going to develop the client side of the SDSS with the MQL5 programming language. We are discussing some alternatives as well as identifying the pros and cons of each of them. Then later, we will put together all the pieces of the puzzle, and end up shaping the PHP REST API that receives trading signals from Expert Advisors. To accomplish this we must take into account some aspects involved in the client side programming.

Now you can tweet your MQL5 trading signals!

Now you can tweet your MQL5 trading signals!

Author: Jordi Bassaganas

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