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EA DAX30 H1 Feedback needet

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Launch agents on an idle PC. It is profitable!
c0ntr0x 2014.07.23 22:34 

Hello , im searching feedback for one of my first EA's . The report : 

As u can see i have non lots optimized  and im going first long only with these method. Whats most importent to read these reports well and fix these problems ? 

It is better to combo more setting methods to an ea if these are all profitable , because of low count of signals ?

I  have some problems with gettint signals over long time , these methode  on the time 02.01 2014 to 30.06.2014  gets 7769 € , same from 01.01.2013 (8 Months no singal) to 21.07.2014 

I also tried to invert these methods for short, but not very well^^. How importent is the CheckForClose ?  I wanna to check the volunatiry of the symbol to filter failure breakouts , and how about pivot lanes ? I calculated with these the price potential for the day [Long and Short].

And as u can see i forgot  to set right spread, but these just make difference of 100-200€.

The Lots are all time 6 , but i wanna to OptimiceLots in future, first getting signals :P  

I hope u understand why im doesnt wanna show the log history of orders, but i have made a video of most volume trades.

Watch Video : [Watch in HD]

Please indulgence, I m programming in these language for fewer than a week and have maybe some basic leaks  (because of that i started programming EA with Mql4) .

Ty for coming help. 

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