Remote Agents over the Internet?


Good Day guys,

because I didn't find a definite answer (and maybe this answer changed based on the different MT5 versions) I am going to ask here:

Is there such a thing as remote agents over the internet that I can assign to my strategy tester (not the MQL5 Cloud Network, I use a custom symbol). I use my PC and another PC in my local network for optimizations. I have another PC in another network what I want to assign. I know that in older versions the agent tab would include a remote and a local section. In the new versions it's local, local network farm and Cloud. 

Also when reading older guides it says that adding agents from another network works too. So is there still a way to use my PC that isn't in my local network other than just using it as a separate machine and run other optimizations on it simultaneously (using it over windows remote desktop).?

Thanks in advance!