Feeding custom values to OnCalculate() (eg. for calculating indicator of an indicator, calculating an indicator on different price data, etc)



I'm sure there's an article out there but I can't quite find the appropriate reference.

In the documentation for OnCalculate()(https://www.mql5.com/en/docs/event_handlers/oncalculate), for the price[] parameter, the documentation mentions "One of the price timeseries or a calculated indicator buffer can be passed as the price[] array."

What's the best practice to pass such a calculated indicator buffer as the parameter? Would you copy the OnCalculate function to a header/include file, and then call the function in the EA?

Grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction


Documentation on MQL5: Event Handling / OnCalculate
Documentation on MQL5: Event Handling / OnCalculate
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The function is called in the indicators when the Calculate event occurs for processing price data changes. There are two function types. Only one of them can be used within a single indicator. [in]  Size of the price[] array or input series available to the indicator for calculation. In the second function type, the parameter value corresponds...