Chart Window resizing

Peter Williams  
   long chartID = 0;
   string msg = "";
   chartID =  ChartOpen("GBPUSD",PERIOD_M1);
   //msg = msg =+"chartID = "+IntegerToString(chartID);
   string mysymbol = ChartSymbol(chartID);
   long pixelvalue =150;
   if (ChartSetInteger(chartID,CHART_WIDTH_IN_PIXELS,pixelvalue)== true ) msg = msg +"\ntrue";
   if (ChartSetInteger(chartID,CHART_WIDTH_IN_PIXELS,pixelvalue)== false ) msg = msg +"\nfalse";
   long result=-1;
   msg =  msg+"\nChartWidthInPixels ~ result = "+IntegerToString(result);
   msg =  msg+"\nchartID = "+IntegerToString(chartID)+" mysymbol = "+mysymbol;
   //if ( chartID > 0 )  ChartClose(chartID);   //works fine~~ 

I am trying to resize a chart (from an EA).  The above is some simple test code.

The message box returns true with a pixel width of 952 which represents a full sized chart (with Navigator window open and on NON HD monitor)

true is displayed but the pixel width doesn't change  (haven't tried HEIGHT yet!)

The ChartGetInteger appears to work fine but the ChartSetInteger returns true but doesn't change the value

Would seem very simple and any help appreciated