Shorting bot that has some potential needs some love


Hi guys, 

I believe I am worse at trading than a bot :-) so I am looking into building my own bots. M y idea is to build several bots for several market condition... (Shorting.. longing and range bots..)

Last week I have been working non stop on a simple shorting bot (I use AE Builder). Today I did some backtests and it looks pretty promising... 

Initial deposit 10000 usd, leverage 100... backtested from Jan 1 2018 till today on the M5 chart.. result 135.000 USD profit. 

It obviously has some potential but when I for example backtest it in 2018, it blows up after a few months..

I am a beginner here, I understand the normal optimize option in MT5, but who can give me some advice of how to optimize this bot further, reduce the drawback %... make it more stable. Id there a risk reducing indicator I could add?

Should I analyze for example the charts of the best months / days and it's market conditions and also charts of the worse months / days? What would you do from here?

All advice is very much appreciated! Here the screenshot!

Thanks in advance