Help to advise How to adjust optimization value to good rank setup?


Hi, all

I have problem with optimization , problem is when optimization good setup value is start from 30,000 passed tasks

example , I start set value everyting from 1 to  1000, then when optimize every thing start from 1 ,2 3, 4 right, that make 30,000 passed tasks, then after 30000 start got optimize result better until finish

How I can find value for setup rank value for can help start optimize fast and better?

again for undersand example optimizeation rank setup

a = 1-1000

b = 1-1000

c = 1-1000

d = 1-1000

(that make start good rsult from 30000 passed tasks and use 8-9 hour)

how can I setup

a = 50-100

b = 900-1000

c = 500-700

d = 200-600

and it make start good result from 1000 passed tasks and use only 3-4 hour

Thank you for help