Writing optimisation xml file in NON-batch mode.



When I run the MT5 strategy tester in batch mode using following from windows command line:

.\terminal64 /config:MQL5.TXT

it writes out the xml files based upon what is setup in the config file (MQL5.TXT in this example)

In that TXT config file I have the following line in the [Tester] section


As a result I get 2 xml files written out, namely:


I can the read these and output to a csv file for further analysis.

But how do I force these xml result files to be written out when I manually start the Strategy tester?

I want to manually set the parameters for the optimisation run from the IDE, but I can't find out how to do this!!

Surely there must be away that I can do the same as I do in a batch run, but manually through the IDE?

Appreciate any help.