Issue on MT5 for MacOS: No strategy tester


Hi, i'm a developper who work on an mac. Previously i used to develop on a window VPS, but i sucks.

So i've decided to give a try on MT5 on a mac. Everything fine, except a little detail. Strategy tester simply not working. When i hit start nothing happen.
In the journal, i can see that there is a coonection issue on file). Log file contain the same information.

Has i can't access to the strategy tester agents manager, i cannot change the port (witch is one lead to resolve the issue ),

Finding about some .ini file in the Wine file system to see if any has some agents config,  but none of them contain configuration about port or local IP address.

So.. question: Could be possible to run Strategy Tester on a mac, and if yes, where i can find the .ini file config about agents  ?

Thank and cheers from belgium

PS: Tested on MT5 provided by XM and a version provided by ICMarket.