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MT4 Strategy tester Every tick not working

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I have a problem with the strategy tester on which I have no idea about the reason.

It simply does not use least timeframes to generate ticks on Gold only.

All the data are there on all timeframes and it's good data coming from Quant data manager.

Recently, I was working on an EA as a tool for learning and I was impressed at the speed at which I was able to optimize on the "Every tick" mode.

I was testing on 15 min chart.

That EA is not dependent on the chart timeframe in the programming. I decide to test it on the M5 just to see and saw that the result was different.

I made another test on the M1 and it was different again. This did not make sense and I became suspicious.

By doing tests on visual mode it became clear that the least timeframes are not used in the testing.

Instead of seeing the candle moving up and down like in real market, each candle appears in one shot even in slow mode.

I change the instrument and it works fine. I change the EA on XAUUSD and the result is the same. No least timeframes.

Can someone tell me what could be the reason and the fix for that bug?

Did you ever get this problem?

I don't get any error message. I am becoming really frustrated with this erratic tester.

For the moment, the only fix I have is to run it on 1M chart to get accuracy, but it's inconvenient because I can't superpose an indicator based on higher timeframe.

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