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Create an Indicator on one signal

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Hi All,

Im trying to create an indicator that provides a constant histogram of +1 or -1 value (could be any number) for one signal.

For example, when the Price closes above an MA (+5 pips) I want to create an indicator that says +1 value for ever candle thereafter and when the price closes below an MA(-5pips) then the value switches to -1 for ever candle thereafter until the signal is reversed again.

I want this so that when i write the EA strategy i can place the condition that so long as the indicator is +1 then do X, Y, Z and when value is -1 do A,B,C.

Any way i can do this? Effectively its a gateway that is opened on one signal that triggers subsequent orders until the gateway closes. (which is the reverse signal)

Im not a programmer and I use an interface to write my indicators and EA's but they dont have the ability to do this. If someone knows the code to do this I can input it as a custom code in the Indicator builder and create it.

Thanks in advance for any asisstance you may provide.

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