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Lode Loyens
Lode Loyens  


I understand that MT4 platform allows for automatic execution of a script at startup using the command

"start terminal.exe <script subdirectory\script name>"  (without the double quotes.

In my case the actual command is:  start terminal.exe config\start.ini

config is the subdirectory where the start.ini file is located.

the start.ini file contains the following parameters:

; open chart and run no-orders script for 4Hrs chart

These parameters should tell the terminal.exe program to automatically execute the script "no-orders" on a 4Hrs chart with the EUR/USD currency pair using the default template.

When I start MT4 nothing happens however.  I do not get any error messages either.

When I run the script manually it works as intended.

The code in the no-orders script is as follows:

void OnStart()
  ChartSetInteger ( ChartID(), CHART_SHOW_TRADE_LEVELS, false );


and nothing else.

Clearly my automation command isn't working.  I must be doing something wrong or missing something.

Any recommendations are much appreciated.

Thank you.


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