Synchronizing the EA and the desktop


Greetings Everyone,

I have been trading for a while and would like to know about the world of EAs. A little explanation would really help me out .

1. IF I use an EA running from the  VPS on a certain pair, do i relinquish control of my entire Client Terminal and other pairs not connected to the EA? 

2. What happens when the pair/pairs running on the VPS and those on client Terminal(if i still have access) in terms of equity, do they share from the same pot or do i have to share funds across(desktop and VPS)?

3. Last but not least,do i have to stop the VPS each time i want to do a withdrawal and maybe to do a re-adjustment of the lot size on pairs running in the EA?

Really looking forward to getting clarification on these questions as there are no videos explaining how it all works together.

Kind Regards