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Alert for an angle between two indicators

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Claudius Gas
Claudius Gas  

I'm not an expert geek of MQL5

I modified MA-Crossover_Alert.mq5 to make me send an Alert when FAST crosses  SLOW.
if(SendNote) SendNotification("BUY Ask="+sAsk+", Date="+text+" Symbol="+Symbol());

Now I'm trying to get a alert when two indicators ALLIGATOR (Lips) vs. Moving Average (ie Median) intersect with a defined angle, eg. with angle greater than 90°

Alert can be:

if(SendNote) SendNotification("BUY angle="+sangle+", Date="+text+" Symbol="+Symbol());
and vice versa
if(SendNote) SendNotification("SELL angle="+sangle+", Date="+text+" Symbol="+Symbol());

Can anyone help me?
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