If quit MT4 while maximized on any chart, after restart, a previously minimized chart displays improperly as normal size surrounded by black

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I'm using the latest MT4 1220, and a normal "default" template for new chart.  I don't know for how long this bug has existed, but I noticed the same symptom reported years ago...

Steps to easily reproduce this bug:

  • Start MT4. 
  • Clear away all charts.  Open 4 new ones.
  • Minimize the 1st two charts.  
  • Leave the 3rd chart alone, displayed as "Normal" size.
  • MAXIMIZE the 4th chart (Any chart left as Maximized when quitting causes the problem).  NOTE:  This is the *key* step that causes the problem for any other charts that are still Minimized when you quit MT4!
  • Quit MT4 and restart.
  • As expected the 4th chart is still displayed as Maximum size.
  • Click on the 3rd chart, just to show that a previously Normal chart still works fine, and displays as a Maximized chart (since the previous chart is Maximized, it maintains the Max mode).
  • Click on the 2nd previously minimized chart.  OBSERVE THE BUG! 
    (See the ~5th image below, 2019-10-12 21-27-36.png ) The "chart" area is just the Normal size chart, yet it is maximized.  The small chart area is surrounded right-and-below by black border area.
  • Click on the 1st previously minimized chart.  Observe that it also shows the black border area.
  • GO BACK to the 3rd or 4th chart, which are displayed as normal Maximized charts.
  • Exit the "Maximized" mode to just display it as a Normal size.
  • Return to the 1st or 2nd previously minimized chart.  They STILL display as Maximized charts with the bad surrounding black area!
  • Return to the chart you just restored to Normal size.  Observe that it is now back in "Maximized" mode (because you came from a black border chart that it thinks is a Maximized chart).

Please fix this bug so that it displays previously minimized charts as either regular Normal size charts (if the previous chart was a Normal chart);
Or, if the previous chart was Maximized -- or perhaps also if it had been minimized when it was Maximized -- then restore it now as a full-size Maximized charts, without any black border, the same as any other chart should be.

Workarounds to the problem:

  • To prevent it from occurring at all, never close MT4 *while* displaying a Maximized chart.  
  • If you encounter the bad black border area, you can fix a single chart by toggling F11 twice.  This doesn't fix the other bad charts, however.
  • To fix ALL bad charts in the session at once, 
    • *Resize* the Terminal window just a little.  (Toggling the Terminal off/on does not help).
    • OR, resize the main MT4 window.  Stretch some edge a bit.
    • OR, Use the Maximize of the main MT4 to effectively resize the main MT4 window. (Do it twice to toggle it, and maintain your present size).

The above steps are simple to follow, but the attached pictures illustrate some of the steps described above.

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