how to find ichimoku crosses

Mahdi Khoshroo  

i test this code to serach in all my symbols and find ichimoku crosses but i have error

#include <Indicators/Trend.mqh>

#include <Trade\PositionInfo.mqh>
#include <Trade\Trade.mqh>
#include <Trade\SymbolInfo.mqh>  
CPositionInfo  m_position;                   // trade position object
CTrade         m_trade;                      // trading object
CSymbolInfo    m_symbol;                     // symbol info object
//--- input parameters

input int      InpTenkanSen         = 9;     // Ichimoku: period of Tenkan-sen 
input int      InpKijunSen          = 26;    // Ichimoku: period of Kijun-sen 
input int      InpSenkouSpanB       = 52;    // Ichimoku: period of Senkou Span B 

int            handle_iIchimoku;             // variable for storing the handle of the iIchimoku indicator

   double iIchimokuGet(const int buffer,const int index)
   double Ichimoku[1];
//--- reset error code 
//--- fill a part of the iIchimoku array with values from the indicator buffer that has 0 index 
      //--- if the copying fails, tell the error code 
      PrintFormat("Failed to copy data from the iIchimoku indicator, error code %d",GetLastError());
      //--- quit with zero result - it means that the indicator is considered as not calculated 

   double TENKANSEN_LINE_0    = iIchimokuGet(TENKANSEN_LINE,0);
   double KIJUNSEN_LINE_0     = iIchimokuGet(KIJUNSEN_LINE,0);
   double SENKOUSPANA_LINE_0  = iIchimokuGet(SENKOUSPANA_LINE,0);
   double SENKOUSPANB_LINE_0  = iIchimokuGet(SENKOUSPANB_LINE,0);
   double TENKANSEN_LINE_1    = iIchimokuGet(TENKANSEN_LINE,1);
   double KIJUNSEN_LINE_1     = iIchimokuGet(KIJUNSEN_LINE,1);
//| Script program start function                                    |
void OnStart()
     for(int i=0;i<SymbolsTotal(1);i++)
      Print("SYMBOL: ",SymbolName(i,1)," Found At: ",i);}