Bill Williams Squat Bar & zone

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Bill Williams / Profitunity indicators also includes a "squat bar" which is coloured blue. I presume this is based off the MFI so if the MFI bar is blue then the price bar would be blue

is there a way to have the candle / price bar turn blue to match the MFI? (tick vol inc MFI dec)

The squat bar is used to indicate a potential top / bottom or  measuring squat (similar to measuring gap - expect movement length to continue for approx same range) - stands out more on the bar chart

Bill Williams older indicators also had the price bars coloured to match the combined AO & AC.

the new material no longer uses the zone trades based on the combined AO & AC, but once again being on the price bar makes it stand out more

AO green AC green = green zone & price bar green

AO red AC red = red zone & price bar red

AO green AC red = gray zone & price bar gray

AO red AC green = gray zone & price bar gray

picture shows blue price bars - squat bars on the price chart


cqg-chart.png 148 kb
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