Send ObJ_Arrow to Multiple Charts from Python to MT4 via ZMQ

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Phoebe Hj
Phoebe Hj  

Hi, frined,

I tried to send OBJ_ARROWS from python to MT4. Steps as below:

1. add EA to EURUSD chart, and then add the same EA to USDJPY chart. Both are successful.

2. Add arrows to EURUSD chart. Success.

3. Add arrows to USDJPY chart.  Terminal expert says error 4202, object not found. 

I post my codes here.  in this forum.  The codes seems can only work on single chart. 

What I have tried ?

1.  assign different magic number to each chart when I add the EA. Failed...

2. to use Charttemplateapply() ,  failed too.  Maybe some code problem. I don't know. 

       it seems when add the same EA to two charts,  and I want to operate one chart,  there should be some function to activate a chart.  ChartID  is not enough. 

Your help is appreciated. Thank you very much. 


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