Values in indicators buffers not correspond in Data window and when reading those bufferes by EA

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Vincent Dadej
Vincent Dadej  

Hello I would like to hear advice from somebody who has experience with my problem.

I have indicator and it has 4 buffers.

Each buffers has own color. Its classic histogram with 4 colors. 2 color for rising and falling and 2 colors for values are above or bellow 0.

When I run with cursor over bars in chart, in Data window always only one buffer return value, another are empty.

But if I ask with EA to get buffers  value, I got situation when two buffer have some value, and when I check those values in MT4 data window only one buffer display value and second is empty. 

Mostly it happens when colors are changing after trend change. 

I design condition as if

Buffer0 [1]!=INT MAX =>then BUY 

Buffer1 [1]!=INT MAX =>then SEL

Buffer2 [1]!=INT MAX =>then BUY

Buffer3 [1]!=INT MAX =>then  SELL

and sometime EA get Buffer0 and Buffer1 values at same time. Both have value present. Same for 2,3 buffers. Although Data window show that only one of buffers have value and is same as EA got. But not for second buffer.EA show it does have value but data window doesn't.

Thats lead me in conclusion that my indicator doing some redrawing and recounting buffer in the past. I check indicator in M1 and it not changing color in previous bars of its own histogram. Do you have some explanation for me. 

I really appreciate if you can clarify that situation. And how to make clear conditions. Thank you for help and for your time.

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