Help with Cents Account and Signals

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I have a Cent account with $500 USD in it (shows as 50,000 in MT4)

I'm following a signal with a $2000 account.

So, I have invested 1/4 of his account, but because of the Cent account, shouldn't that be seen as 25 times more?  I have my percentage use set to 95%.  Todays trading shows a problem.

Signal made a trade of .18 lot, my account made a trade of .03 lot.

Signal traders return was 14.44, my return was 1.68.  

If they were both standard accounts, that would look about right.  But I have a Cent account.  so that means the signal made 14 dollars, and I made 1.68 cents.

My equity is 25 times what his shows, so shouldn't I have purchased roughly 4.25 lot, instead of .03

Did I set something up wrong?

his account made a hundred dollars today, and I made 13 cents.  What's up with that?

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