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Program 'tracer'. step thorugh single command & line of code invaluable with output of the tesuls of these..

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Please put a 'Tracer' in the  MQL5 Editor and the capacity to run EAs in this mode in Terminal.

It should be able to step through an individual command, a single line of code, or blocks/sections/modules of MQL5 and show these in real time along with the results of them in the terminal.  Please give this VERY serious consideration and do not dismiss this lightly.  it is an invaluable capacity and very effective programming effective tool. So much so that anyone that has every done any programing with such tools available will readily testify to the very significant advantage and increased efficiency in programming and the improvement in final products offer the possibility of very significant gains and improvements. Obviously this will be of very significant aid to NuBs and make learning MQL5  substantially quicker and reduce the confusion and frustration id doing so

But it is something that also aids competent and advanced programmers as well.  It makes troubleshooting, verifying and  producing clearer, better and more programs and effective documentation much easier, quicker and better.

The terminal should show the real time operation and gives the user total and complete control over stepping though a program in set stages that is of immense value.

Anyone that has ever had such a tool can and will testify to the significant aid and improvement in producing and verifying any program much quicker and easier and effective than without this.  Making the decision to leave such capacity out because it is just a lame crutch that will only aid new, incompetent  NuBs and as such is dismissed as having very limited value that will only help the totally ignorant of programming in general and MQL 5 in particular and would be myopic conclusion and a big mistake.

Dismissing and rejecting this because it is of very little except perhaps to a few absolute beginners would be a tragic and significant mistake.

It IS well worth the effort to include and implement it that will pay significant dividends over the entire life of MQL5 and will make it much more successful as a programming language that is much easier to learn, use and adapt to to with constantly better results that users will be much happier with and thus aid, improve and shorten the time period it takes to archive significant market penetration and success.both the editor AND the trading terminal.

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