MetaTrader 4 Update Suggestion

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Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski  

Dear MQL,

Please consider an update to MetaTrader 4 for signal subscriptions. Currently there is only one method to copy a signal service, and that is to use the % method.

FX Blue Trade Copier provides the following options for copying another account (lot-sizing modes):

  • Use Fixed Lot Size
  • Use Risk Factor
  • Lot Size Multiplier
  • Equity Per Lot
  • Cash Risk Fixed
  • Cash Risk Equity Percent
  • Cash Risk Balance Percent
  • Notional Deposit Volume

My signal service uses a balance of $20,000 which is not feasible for many subscribers. Therefore:

  1. I lose potential subscribers, and subsequently
  2. MQL make less money.

"Money talks", and if MQL want to improve earnings they would be wise to consider suggestions that can increase velocity of money on their website.


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