CoppyBuffer on MQL5 VPS not copying all data

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I just want to know,

since I can't find anything related, that,

if the expert logs from the journal window from the VPS item (on the left side on the screen) keeps telling me that it was unable to apply CoppyBuffer() to copy all requested elements from the indicator handle,

what I should do?

Some Context:

The EA is applied on a 1-minute chart, the CoppyBuffer() logic that is failing is for the weekly period (and its not like 10 elements back, just 1 or 2).

This has never popped up in the strategy tester, and I cannot think that you will be limited like this by not being able to do this.

I have a lot of CoppyBuffer's, like maybe 20-30, I can remove 10-15 of them if I refactor a little, my bot uses a lot of different timeframes.

Tick data is essential, I can push to 5M tick intervals but not anything higher than that.

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