EA won't open a trade

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Belal Chami
Belal Chami  

Hi MQL community

Admittedly I am new to coding but have written a few successful codes but I am having trouble with this simple eaI am trying to write.

The ea will open a buy order when a spinning to candle appears and this is tied in with an alert. I have written in the code to only allow one open order at a time and this will stop duplicate orders. As you can imagine, this ea is only a small section of a larger ea I am still trying to write. 

Problem: The ea will occasionally open an order with a single alert but most other times I seems to alert with every tick but not open a single trade. 

What have I done wrong? My ea is below. 

Many thanks in advance!


extern double buystoploss   =-10;                                                             //SL for a buy open order

extern double buytakeprofit =10;                                                             //ТР for a buy opened order

extern int    buycount   =0;                                                              //Number of buy market orders placed within 24 hours

extern int    sellcount  =0;                                                              //Number of sell market orders placed within 24 hours                


int start()



   spinningtop         =  33,                                                                       //percentage parameter of spinning candle top

   currentorder        =  OrdersTotal();                                                            //total number of open market orders 


   totalcandlelength   =  MathAbs((iHigh("EURUSD",PERIOD_M1,1))-((iLow("EURUSD",PERIOD_M1,1)))),     //total length of a single individual candle

   candlelength        =  MathAbs((iOpen("EURUSD",PERIOD_M1,1))-((iClose("EURUSD",PERIOD_M1,1)))),   //length of open and close position of each candle

   price               =  Ask;                                                                       //Price of market entry



 if (currentorder<1 && (((candlelength/totalcandlelength)*100) <= spinningtop))                   //Limit market order at any time to n=1 & implement 33% rule                  




      Alert("Buy Order No.",buycount,"  Price=",price);  



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