New to programming a custom GUI program for trading optimatization (Help)

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Hello everyone, I'm quite new when it comes to programming (did some work in C# and Python, but mostly just figuring out the fundamentals and concepts, since I'm going to CompSci college in 4 months and want to build something already).

Let me first explain what I want to do and then move on. For start (since I'm really a beginner) a basic GUI with few widgets, that will be connected with an API (from some trading site?) and display real-time prices and notify me when certain indicators reach over
or below my set values (Example: I want to to get a pop up alert when asset 'x' reaches StochRSI below 30 and RSI below 20). I also want to create a windows that will display news from selected sources for maybe some intraday fast trades or just read things to stay updated.

Just to get an idea, how simple I want to do it for now and just to start working on it:

Now my question are:

1.) Which language is better for creating such program and why? (I'd really like to work with Python or C#). I know that C# is simpler when it comes to GUI, but since I'm new I don't mind learning how to write GUI from scratch in python. I'm not so sure about other things (which is faster and uses less power for example), but this is where I'd like to hear more opinions.

2.) How do I connect my program with some real-time trading site, let's say TradingView API and extract data into my program for scanning the paramaters I'm going to set to look after on different timeframes?

3.) How do I connect program with news sources to update me in realtime when news major articles come out?

Thanks in advance, if anyone reaches out to help or guide me in right direction.

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