Inquiry re Backtesting Errors

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Ibex Thales
Ibex Thales  


I would like to ask the following:

1. Is there a way for the EA to exclude the result of the last trade on a backtest?

Upon backtest, the EA usually force closes the last trade, rather than closing it on my defined criteria (stops, rules, crossovers, etc). As the cause of close is not as I intended to, this distorts the results. A LOT.

2. What might be the reason why my EA (Trailing Stop EA) opens just one trade for the CHFJPY when i set the time period from Dec 31, 2015?

If I change ANY ONE of the: (a) the start date, Jan 1 2016 or Dec 30 2015, (b) EA (StopLoss/TakeProfit), (c) currency pair,

results are usually become fine. The backtester opens many trades as I want it to.

I will post my code if need be, but I will spare you guys from a lengthy post if my concern could be solved by the mere facts given.

Thank you for the usual lessons!

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