HELP! Read objects on the chart

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Márcio Andrade
Márcio Andrade  
Guys, I'm new to the language and I'm having a little difficulty.

I have an Indicator that generates tendencies, HIGH or LOW, on high it creates a Windget

// - High indicator

#property indicator_type5 DRAW_ARROW

#property indicator_color5 clrBlue

#property indicator_label5 "HIGH"

// - Low indicator

#property indicator_type6 DRAW_ARROW

#property indicator_color6 clrRed

#property indicator_label6 "LOW"

In the high non-glottic plot:

PlotIndexSetInteger (4, PLOT_ARROW, 233);

In the Lower Glottic Plot:

PlotIndexSetInteger (5, PLOT_ARROW, 234);

Everything is working fine, graphic the way the setup needs but I can not in any way code to read the graph.

What I need is to read this object on the chart when I create the "HIGH" or "LOW".

Can someone give a light? Help me?

Thank you.
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