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Ashton Robbins
Ashton Robbins  

Marco suggested I switch broker yesterday, looks like I will have to as their system cannot add, see attached picture. Mind you it is in keeping with their values, what with 13 points /pips spread on BO,

Oh my broker now tells me after much deliberation,and a Massive overnight reversal( which he didn't tell me about)and 3 x the norm,al Swaps for overnight swaps on a Wednesday on forex. Which is the first time ever that swaps have not been included in the profit . As you can see these Eur/USD  GBP/usd that this morning and trading overnight my balance was -$5 .34.

System bugs/ Figures All Haywire

Answer: The way the profit/loss is calculated has been changed. It should look like this... also there is triple swap fees if hold FX trades overnight on a Wednesday.      Right , another reason ASIC regulated brokers are a no go, much prefer dealing with market makers in USD. You may have to deal with the likes of Skrill, but hey at least you know the pain. 

ddt gas

Picked up yesterday a signal claiming over 300%  yet was only delivering 206% and in real term $10 a day. I live (barely) on just less than $40 / day , I would advise on different career.

Also that signal out of America , with a Nigerian sounding name, sounded/ seemed like a Nigerian scam. Just be mindful folks.

Oh an hour later, still not doing much hour later

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