How to reduce the default log information of the strategy tester (MT5)

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does anyone know how to avoid that the log of the Strategy Tester agent writes info about "Ask", "Bid", "Volume", "Last", "Time", "Flags" into the log file?

This let's the log file becoming huge in a few seconds!

It's full of lines like this

"JI 0 22:40:27.198 OCO_TS_CCO_MT5_v2.18 (EURUSD,M1) 2017.01.02 08:49:00   2017.01.02 08:49:00: Bid = 1.05167, Ask = 1.05172, Volume = 0, Last = 1.05167, Time MSC = 1483346940000, Flags = 12"

To give an example: testing a month of hystorycal data, with the M1 timeframe and the "Every tick" tick mode, it requires a 1 GB txt log file!

And these info are not relevant for me.



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