Problem with ChartSetSymbolPeriod && iCustom functions...

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Erwann Pannerec
Erwann Pannerec  


I've a general question about the ChartSetSymbolPeriod &&  iCustom functions for a multi-currency & multi-timeframe system.

Considering the followings points :

  - the time calculation of my custom indicator for each candle is : 1 ms.

  - a candle calculation use previous candle results --> so for calculating correctly the last candle at time[0] I need to make 150 candle calculation (so : 150 ms)

  - my system work with 50 symbols and 4 timeframes --> I use a loop and make 200 iCustom calls

  - when I use the function ChartSetSymbolPeriod --> the indicators shall be recalculated.

Finally the entire time calculation of my multi system is 200*150 ms = 30 000 ms...... 30 sec !

So It is very problematic that the function ChartSetSymbolPeriod leads to indicators recalculations because each time I change of symbol or period on my graphic I have to recalculate the 150 previous candle for 200 symbols/timeframes.

Is there anyway to solve my problem ? I'm ok to make one time the entire calculation for my 200 iCustom calls but not for each time I use ChartSetSymbolPeriod function !

Additionnal question : At which moment the processor take time for calculating the custom indicator ? just after the iCustom call or when I use CopyBuffer function to retrieve the results ?

It's not an easy subject... thank you for your help !


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