I need to open a position that is larger than the broker's limit

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Jing Wang
Jing Wang  

Hi, everyone. I'm wondering if someone can help me on this.

Suppose I need to open a 112 lot buy trade while the broker only allows max 50 lots in a single trade. So I need to break up into 3 trades 50 lot, 50 lot and 12 lots.

the following code does not work and I don't know why. In back test it just keep opening multiple trades even if the total lots exceeds 112 lots.

void TradeBuy(void) {
 double l=0; double lot_counter=0;
 int i=0;
 order_ticket=-1; order_ticket1=-1; 
   int MaxLot=MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_MAXLOT);   
 //---lot calculation
 while(lot_counter > l){

                //---Placing the order 
                 while(order_ticket<0 && i<5) {   
                // Sending a trade request  
                if(order_ticket<0) { 
                if(!Errors(GetLastError())) return; }
                 else {
                i++; } // end of while 
        lot_count = lot_counter - l;
        l = lot_counter;

        }// end of while
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